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"When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change." (Max Planck)

Are You Ready?

Transform the Way you WORK, COMMUNICATE


►Experiential Learning for Teams and Groups

PERFORMANCE ACCELERATION - Simulation-Based Training

→ OPAL LABOrganizational Performance Acceleration Learning Lab (OPAL Lab) co-created and co-facilitated with At One Sàrl. A simulation-based training solution that challenges mental models and takes participants out of their comfort zone to learn by doing and interacting with peers. Customized to fit client's needs and objectives, the OPAL Lab can be delivered in a one-day or a three-day format. 

→ i-TEAMS - a simulation-based workshop that builds on a new type of intelligence, the relationship systems intelligence. Participants explore a new way of leading within complexity, and learn to trust and lean into the team's intelligence, being able to adapt and change for higher performance. 

LEADERSHIP - Experiential Learning   

→ RESONANT RELATIONSHIPS - an experiential workshop that gives the tools to restructure the way you think, act and see yourself and others. Participants discover the attributes and behaviors needed to build effective work relationships. 

→ BURNING CHANGE - Walk on Fire - a 6h transformational retreat that breaks barriers, fears and limitations, uncovers the leadership archetypes and the life purpose, to ultimately allow participants to own their power within. BURNING CHANGE is co-created and co-facilitated with Potentialorg. Contact us to book a retreat. 

COMMUNICATION - Experiential Learning & Coaching

→ COMMUNICATE WITH INTENT - an interactive seminar or experiential workshop that brings a new perspective on effective communication and the power of intention in achieving the desired impact. 

→ QUANTUM VOICE - From Opera to the Boardroom: Performance Skills for the Office, co-created with soprano and voice health specialist Dr. Sarah Khatcherian Milo. An extraordinary 3h exploration that brings more self-confidence, authenticity and balance in our voice and presence. 

→ AUTHENTIC PRESENCE - Personal Branding Revisited - a 3h workshop that brings your authentic self forward and breaks the old paradigm of "people as brands".

►Life and Leadership Coaching

Working with me as your coach to find your inner leadership capabilities, your joy and purpose in life, get your power back and step into your full potential. Together, we find and dissolve the blocks, barriers and beliefs that hold you back.  You discover who you are and what it takes to fully step into your authentic leader within to transform your life. 

I use powerful tools and methods, such as Co-Active CoachingTM, positive psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Non-Violent Communication (NVC), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and mindfulness in a lighthearted, innovative and compassionate way for a deep yet freeing experience.

We are all travelers on our journey home. I will be honored to be your guide for a little while. 

►Business Coaching and Consulting 

My clients benefit from my extensive experience in management and leading cross-functional teams, and my expertise and formal training in communications, branding, marketing and business development. 

I provide an effective soundboard, professional advice and tools to help managers at all levels make good decisions, understand team performance and engagement levels, build trust and manage change.

Quantum Manifesto

At Quantum we believe in conscious and authentic leadership, and the personal power within, and we guide our clients to reach success through the alignment of personal and professional values, purpose and dreams, and the coherence between heart and mind.

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"Daniela exudes empathy and balances it with a championing approach and creative questions that open up new ways of seeing any situation." (Marie, Geneva)



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